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Pink Blossom
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Weekdays Special Offers:
These prices are discounted price.

laser hair removal (sessions of 7)

* £400 off on Full body (Full legs, Full arms, Underarms, Full bikini, full face, lower back, belly line) 
* £250 off on Full legs+ half arms, 
* £180 off on Bikini + underarms,
* £150 off on full body single session (face not included)

Single areas packages
6 sessions per area

* £90 off on Full face,   
* £60 off on half arms 
* £60 off on half legs 
* £20 off on upper lip 
* £20 off on Full bikini
* £20 off on under-arms

Facial packages:
6 sessions

Hydra facial                                                         £450
Chemical peel                                                     £380
Non-surgical face lift                                            £300
Rejuvenate facial                                                 £180
24k gold facial                                                     £450

£40 off on highlights and balyage ( medium, long hair)( mondays and wednesday ONLY)

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